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Cardiff Met Textiles students flock to wool workshop with live sheep



From left to right: Head of Textiles, Keireine Canavan, Caitlin Kwoh, CSAD Dean Professor Olwen Mosely, Chanaley Alleyne and (front) Shepherdess Jane Bissett.

Focus on Fabrics: CSAD staff and Textile students exploring materiality at its roots.

A flock of woolly visitors to Cardiff School of Art and Design has put textiles students in a spin.

Shepherdess Jane Bissett recently visited with her flock of Jacob sheep and other rare breeds including Kennixton and British Lavender, which are a rare breed not homed in Wales before.

Jane visited with husband Derek and assistant Maddy, to talk about the different breeds as well as wool and fleece varieties.

Senior Lecturer in Textiles, Sally Grant said: "Students requested a focus on natural fabrics and Jane, as a shepherdess and a specialist in wool, shared her expertise and passion for rare breeds. Students drew and photographed the flock and were inspired by the colours and textures of the fleece. The session was very insightful for our students.

"They saw first hand how sustainable a material wool is. It was a great opportunity to educate people about the wool and textile industry and the students attending may well work with wool in the future."

Dr Keireine Canavan, Head of Textiles, was delighted with the student responses, which align with current developments of a natural dye garden at the University's Llandaff campus. At the event, she and Sally were thanked by Professor Olwen Moseley, Dean of Cardiff School of Art and Design and Professor of Design Industry Engagement.