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Cardiff Met event boosts schools collaboration projects in the creative sector



Over 50 DT and Art teachers and heads of department took part in a Teach Meet session at Cardiff School of Art and Design to discuss the future of their subjects and how they can work with the University on joint projects and challenges.  Organised in collaboration with Cardiff Met's School of Education and FabLab Cardiff which is based at Cardiff School of Art and Design, the event provided an open forum for generating a range of ideas from workshops to help schools' further enhance their students interest in all aspects of new technology and studying them at university, to how Cardiff School of Education and Cardiff School of Art and Design could work with them to develop additional teaching materials.

Both Cardiff School of Education and Cardiff School of Art and Design have strong links with partner Schools already and collaborate on a number of projects, including the newly launched Sorrell National Art and Design Saturday Club for 14-16 year olds and the regular delivery of classes for one local secondary school in the FabLab. Both schools are keen to work even more closely with teachers to continue to ensure that the UK has a strong creative industries workforce, one of the most rapidly growing and profitable sections of the UK economy.