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Cardiff Met goes ‘Global’



​Student giving a Henna Tattoo at the Global Day event

Students and staff in national dress

​Cardiff Metropolitan University hosted its second 'Global Day' earlier this week to celebrate the University's cultural diversity.

International students from countries all over the world congregated in Cardiff School of Management (CSM) to showcase their cultures.

Students and staff interacted with their peers and learned about the national costumes of Oman, India and Brunei, watched Chinese shadow puppetry, and learned about falconry as a traditional sport and pastime of the UAE. They were also able to sample cuisine from Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan, India and Azerbaijan, and receive henna or Arabian tattoos from India, Oman and Kuwait.

Students also had the opportunity to discuss overseas study opportunities with the Outward Mobility team, as well as learning about the University's Global Network Campus from the Learning, Teaching and Development Unit.

A world map was on display in the CSM Atrium for students and staff to mark their country of origin with a flag pin. This provided an impressive visual display of the global diversity within the student body at Cardiff Met.

The global celebrations continued into the evening at Zen where students and staff took part in a global fashion show and talent competition.

Natalie Buckland, International Student Support Manager, commented on the successful day: 'The aim of Global Day is to promote the cultural diversity of our student population and to encourage integration and cross cultural communication across the University.' There was a steady flow of students and staff engaging with the stall holders about their countries and traditions. Natalie added: 'This year's event was a great success and we hope that Global day will continue to grow and that it eventually evolves into a University-wide event.'