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Cardiff Met launch new programmes with partner in Oman



Miss Barbara Wilding, CBE, QPM, Chancellor and Chair of the Board of Governors

Delegates from Cardiff Met and Oman at the programme launch event at Gulf College

On Monday 5th September, delegates from Cardiff Met attended a programme launch event at the Gulf College campus in Muscat, Oman. Miss Barbara Wilding, CBE, QPM, Chancellor and Chair of the Board of Governors, and Professor Mohamed Loutfi, Pro Vice Chancellor (International), were among the delegation.

The event took place to officially celebrate the launch of new programmes at the Gulf College, the University's Transnational Education (TNE) partner, which are validated by Cardiff Met. These programmes, which begin in October 2016, include BA (Hons) degrees in: Accounting and Finance; Business and Management Studies; Marketing Management; and Business Economics. In addition to the launch event, a team of Cardiff Met staff was brought out to Oman to provide academic training sessions to the staff at the Gulf College regarding the delivery of programmes to ensure that the courses are delivered to Cardiff Met's high standard. 

The launch of these programmes in Oman brings Cardiff Met's Transnational Education reach to 19 partners across 18 countries and further strengthens Cardiff Met's relationship with Oman; a relationship that spans over 20 years.

HE, British Ambassador to Oman, Mr Jonathan Wilks, CMG who attended the launch event commented on this achievement: 'The Cardiff Metropolitan University and Gulf College partnership is a valuable addition to higher education in Oman; bringing access to British education here in Muscat, with access to a platform for global exchange through the Cardiff Met network, and enhancing the employability of young Omanis'.     

Miss Barbara Wilding CBE, QPM, noted the important presence of Cardiff Met in Oman for the launch event: 'Cardiff Metropolitan University is a global university within a capital city. The addition of the Gulf College to our global network is an excellent one, which further facilitates Cardiff Met's endeavours in creating global citizens of our graduates. The launch event went extremely well for all parties involved'.

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