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Cardiff Met prepares to welcome South African vice-chancellor scholarship winners



Dr Alun Hardman, Associate Dean (International), Cardiff School of Sport with student, Kapil Doorkapersadh from CTI Pretoria Campus.

The first two students from the CTI Education Group, Cardiff Metropolitan University's partner university in South Africa, to receive the Vice Chancellor's scholarships will be arriving on campus soon.

Overseeing their transition from South Africa to Wales is Ms. Susan Potgieter, Academic Coordinator for the Bachelor of Commerce degree at CTI's Pretoria campus. On her recent visit to Cardiff, Ms Potgieter was welcomed to the Cardiff School of Management by senior academics Professor David Brooksbank, Pro Vice Chan cellor (Enterprise and Dean of School), Dr Kelvin Hughes, Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching (Home Programmes), and Dr Alun Hardman, Associate Dean (International), Cardiff School of Sport.  

The arrangement between Cardiff Met and CTI is that of external moderation, which means that the University staff provide quality assurance guidance as well as support for academic development of the partner institution.  

Ms. Potgieter was presented with welcome gifts for Kapil Doorkapersadh, from CTI Pretoria campus, and Jonathan Sprague, from CTI Durban campus, who were selected from a number of applicants to travel to the UK to pursue their postgraduate qualification at Cardiff Met.

Kapil Doorkapersadh was congratulated on his award by Dr Hardman at the CTI Pretoria graduation ceremony in May. On the same day, Jonathan Sprague was recognised by Jane Levy, Principal Lecturer and Head of Department in the Cardiff School of Management, at CTI's Durban campus.  Jonathan will be studying for an MSc in Information Technology Management and Kapil a Master of Business Administration.

The next students to follow in their footsteps will become graduates of South Africa's newest private university in South Africa. CTI Education Group together with Midrand Graduate Institute are in the process of a merger under the banner of Pearson, the global education company. The merger will bring together 14,000 students on 13 campuses across throughout South Africa.

Mark Cunnington, Executive Director: Direct Delivery and CEO, CTI, Pearson, discussed the positive impact the scholarships will have on both students: 'The experience will expose the two scholars to an array of different learning environments and cultures. They will gain knowledge and skills that they can apply to the workplace when returning to South Africa, and therefore contribute towards economic growth in Africa. The scholarship to study at Cardiff Met is a once in a lifetime opportunity provided by Cardiff Met and CTI, a partnership that is going from strength to strength.'   

Professor Mohamed Loutfi, Pro Vice Chancellor (International), noted the significance of the scholarships: 'These two scholarships demonstrate an increase in activity between Cardiff Met and CTI and I am sure that this is the first of many positive outcomes of the partnership. I wish Kapil and Jonathan all the very best with their studies at Cardiff Met and I look forward to welcoming them later this year.'

Jonathan and Kapil will start their journey at Cardiff Met in September 2016.

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