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Cardiff Met to Host Key Meeting on the Future of Creative Industries



Cardiff School of Art and Design

The Creative Industries Federation is holding a round table discussion in partnership with the state of the art Cardiff School of Art and Design to highlight the challenges and opportunities for the creative industries in Wales.

The event, 'Creative Industries in Cardiff: Driving Local Innovation and Growth' is at Cardiff Metropolitan University's Llandaff campus on Wednesday (11th April) and is the first of a new series of debates organised across the UK to focus on the Creative Industries Federation's three strategic priorities for 2018-2019: Creative Careers and Skills, Entrepreneurship and Growth, International and Brexit.

Places across the UK are increasingly recognising the value of the creative industries in unlocking economic innovation and growth. Cardiff is a leading example, where creativity, digital and technology have collaborated on innovative products including cutting-edge semiconductor technologies.

Cardiff has become the second largest media hub in the UK and the round table discussion will provide opportunity for local businesses and government representatives to engage with Members of the Creative Industries Federation and influence practical outcomes.

Councillor Huw Thomas, Leader of Cardiff Council, will set out his ambitions for the city, what its future might look like and the proposals in place to help local government, industry and business achieve these goals.

The discussion will draw on Cardiff Council's Economic Development Green Paper, with a particular focus on its recommendations around innovation and business growth.

Issues under discussion will include "How do the creative industries already enhance growth and innovation across the region's economy?"; "Where are the opportunities to harness the sector even more to this benefit?"; and "What can local government, industry and other institutions do to unlock these opportunities?"

John Kampfner, chief executive of the Creative Industries Federation said: "The creative industries in Wales are booming, but now is not the time to be complacent. We see instilling creative education as the foundation of the success and future growth of the UK's world-class arts and creative industries. We are therefore delighted to be hosting this event with one of our leading members, Cardiff School of Art and Design.

We look forward to developing our unique network in Wales; and encourage all participants to come prepared with ideas and practical recommendations for local government and industry in the region. It is crucial to the work of the Creative Industries Federation to have the perspective of members from across the UK."