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Cardiff Metropolitan University Supports Launch of Student Anthology of Creative Writing


Cardiff Met has shown overwhelming support for its students from the School of Education and Social Policy (CESP) with the launch of a Cardiff Met student anthology.

Third year students from Cardiff Met's BA (Hons) Creative Writing course have worked together to put together Metropolitan 4. The anthology is the fourth the school has published, which was supported this year by Dr. Lucy Windridge, Lecturer in English and Creative Writing.

The students involved published the book as part of their Professional Practice in the Creative Arts module and were able to learn about the process of putting a publication together, working as an editorial board, which included judging and picking pieces for the publication, and marketing the finished product.

The anthology was officially launched at Cardiff Met's Cyncoed campus and includes a range of short fiction and poetry from students from across the university, on both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Speaking about the anthology, Dr. Lucy Windridge, said: "I am extremely proud of what the students have achieved with Metropolitan 4. The publication is an engaging and entertaining volume and I am glad the students were able to learn about the publication process from start to finish. It was extraordinary to see such energy, especially when the students had other assignments on the go, and they should all be proud of themselves for what they have accomplished, especially in the short amount of time they had. 

"It was a difficult process finding the right criteria for judging work for acceptance as each had different merits. This volume includes work which is carefully crafted and covers a broad range of contemporary issues which deserve a voice.

"We are grateful to all students and staff who have worked on previous publications. Without them we would not have had the funds to produce Metropolitan 4.  We have enormous gratitude to Dan at Abbey Bookbinding for his hard work, patience and calm reassurance and we would like to thank Cardiff Metropolitan University for the genuine support given to all student projects and enterprises across the whole university."

The anthology book is available for sale and can be purchased here: https://www.cardiffmetpress.co.uk/publications-anthology-c-46.html?language=en