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Cardiff Metropolitan University becomes accredited to deliver  PM4SD Certification



Cardiff Met has become the first university to be an Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) for APMG's PM4SD Certification (Project Management for Sustainable Development) in the UK. 

The University is approved to provide the Foundation and Practitioner qualification globally. The official launch date is 16th March 2018 in the Brains Hospitality Suite, Cardiff School of Management. 

This is a result of the collaboration between Senior Tourism Management Lecturer Dr Sheena Carlisle, a PM4SD Certified Practitioner, Silvia Barbone, PM4SD Founder at Jlag and Mike Dollin, Senior Trainer in PM4SD and APMG International. PM4SD is a contemporary methodology and professional qualification for designing and managing successful tourism and other service related development projects.

The accreditation is recognition of Cardiff School of Management's ability to deliver the PM4SD™ training course, which includes a three-day Foundation and two-day Practitioner intensive program delivered through dynamic lectures, case studies, small group workshops and online learning support via Moodle.

The course serves to certify competences in sustainable tourism management; sustainable project management; transform projects into workable action; help plan sustainable destinations and implement sustainability indicators. The methodology also enhances professional careers through certifying Project Managers for Sustainable Tourism Development and Innovation and other related industries.

Dr Sheena Carlisle was a Core Partner in the recent two-year Erasmus + Co-operation for Leadership in Tourism (Co-Lead Tourism) scheme, which began in November 2015. This was in partnership with the Brussels-based tourism consultancy Jlag, the Bulgaria Economic Forum and University of Malta, who had the joint aim of developing and testing new capacity building training methods, work based learning and Online Blended Learning tools in PM4SD™.

In addition to equipping professionals and trainers to become experts in PM4SD™, the professional project management programme assists destinations and enterprises themselves to support their strategies, plans and actions for sustainable tourism growth through adoption of the PM4SD™ Methodology.

Six senior and principle lecturers from Cardiff School of Management were trained in June to Practitioner Level, with three of them progressing to work towards trainer level over the next year including Langes Supramaniam, Dr Claire Haven-Tang and Dr Dewi Jaimangal-Jones.

PM4SD can assist the implementation of the objectives of the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act; whose principles are at the core of the development of the PM4SD programme in terms of developing and ensuring infrastructure and development initiatives are as sustainable and long-term as possible.

Dr Carlisle says: "PM4SD is a fantastic new methodology which is pro-active, flexible and effective to apply a wide range of sustainable development principles to tourism, hospitality and events projects. It is a hands-on approach to Project Management and includes a wide variety of useful tools and templates, which are adaptable to different project contexts whether for small, medium or large-scale projects in destinations across the globe. 

"Although the Methodology has developed from the Tourism industry it is uniquely applicable to many development projects in environmental management, construction, education, housing, transport and many other sectors where a sustainable impact and sustainable change for the local community and the wider society is important to stakeholders."

If you would like to attend the PM4SD Accredited Training Organisation Status Launch at the Brains Hospitality Suite, Cardiff School of Management, Cardiff Metropolitan University on the Friday 16th March 5-7pm, please contact Dr Sheena Carlisle (scarlisle@cardiffmet.ac.uk) for registration details