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Cardiff Met’s brand new community gardens project needs you!



​​If you’re interested in tending to thyme, caring for chamomile or raising rosemary, then a freshly launched project might just be the thing for you and your green fingers.

The community gardens project is open to all staff and students and will see existing ‘plantable’ on-campus areas transformed into productive gardens. The team leading the project is looking for people to help nurture both a physic garden and a vegetable garden, with the plants grown in the physic garden being grown for use in our complementary therapies department.

The physic garden will initially be planted with a variety of medicinal plants including peppermint, lavender, St John’s Wort and foxgloves.

Speaking about the gardens, project manager, Jen Evans said:

​“This is an enormously exciting project, especially as we are the first university in Wales to plant an on-site physic and edible garden.

“Dates for gardening will be set for a few times a week during lunchtimes and we are looking for people with any level of gardening experience to help out – from planting and weeding to building signs or sculptures, running workshops on bee hotels and use of garden produce, or just cheer leading the gardeners.

“As a community project, we are also looking for donations of plants and tools to get the gardens started, so everyone is encouraged to get in touch to see how they can help out.

Over the coming months and years, we hope to nurture productive, sustainable and educational gardens amidst the campus buildings that foster opportunities for learning, enjoyment and socialising.”

If you’d like to find out more about the project, please contact Jen Evans on jmevans@cardiffmet.ac.uk. You can also follow the project on Twitter: @CMetGardens. ​