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Cardiff School of Management, Cardiff University and Bristol University Open Doors for Chinese Delegation


Senior Lecturer in Banking and Finance, Dr Rickly Li (far left), hosts the delegation in CSM's Bloomberg Suite. 

Building on the success of last year’s collaboration with Cardiff University, Cardiff School of Management (CSM) recently welcomed a second cohort of 52 university mid- and senior-level leaders from across China.

The visitors were from a range of organisations, all participating in a programme commissioned by the China Scholarship Council. The theme for the programme was leadership and management in a university context, with a particular focus on innovation.

The programme included visits to other universities including Cardiff University and Bristol University.

Sian Rees, Associate Dean, Enterprise, arranged a full day at Cardiff Met’s Llandaff campus which included sessions focusing on the university’s strategy, internationalisation, research, innovation and academic management.

Guided visits around the campus included Cardiff School of Art and Design, the Centre for Entrepreneurship and CSM’s Bloomberg Suite.

Sian Rees said: “We were delighted to welcome our international visitors to Cardiff Met, especially as this is the second visit of this nature. 

“Staff across Cardiff Met went above and beyond in showcasing a huge range of state-of-the-art facilities around the Llandaff Campus – I am sure that the delegation went away with a sound overview of innovative leadership and management here.”