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Cardiff School of Management involved in international weeks with Businet



Students presenting their social media posters in Cardiff

Students from the Cardiff School of Management took part in several international weeks held across Europe this term, one of which was funded by the International Office through Short Term Mobility Funding. In addition, Cardiff Metropolitan University hosted one of the international weeks in the Cardiff School of Management.  

Businet, which was established in 1987 by a group of higher education business institutions, developed the concept of hosting international weeks in various countries. They were keen to develop international programmes in business and to promote opportunities for Institutes of Higher Education, their staff, and their students. The organisation currently has 90 members and is represented in 26 countries.

The 2015 international ICT weeks, supported by Businet, kick started in March. Two Cardiff Met students attended each international week and the host locations included: Antwerp, Louvain-la-Neuve, Bruges and Leuven in Belgium, Kolding in Denmark, Eindhoven in Holland, Cardiff in the UK and another week is expected to take place in July which will be hosted in Valencia in Spain.

The content of the international ICT weeks included a selection of topics involving developing mobile games, social media, IT security, using data in relation to new technologies, and developing a system for enterprise workflow management.

Matt George, Cardiff Met Software Engineering second year student, attended both the Cardiff and Howest (Brugge, Belgium) international weeks. In Cardiff, Matt create a poster exploring the use of social media tools and learned how much of an impact it can have on a business; in Brugge he developed a security game exploring an intranet for security floors.

Matt explained how useful he found the international weeks: 'I found that the week in Cardiff was really interesting … and on the Brugges trip I learnt a lot about networking and cyber security. If I decide to do the security module in my third year then it will help me a lot.'

Dr Jason Williams, Head of Department: Information Systems, commented on the validity of sending students out on international weeks: 'By participating in international ICT weeks, students develop their technical skills and knowledge alongside a greater cultural awareness of industry that prepares them for working within an international environment.' Dr Williams has a keen interest with the internationalisation of taught programmes and has developed strong links with a number of European partners, mainly through the Businet organisation and Santander, which means that students can get involved in exchanges and joint projects overseas and enrich their education with international experience.

Dr Williams hopes that next year will provide opportunities for an International week that would include the whole school as well as students from a number of other disciplines.   

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