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Cardiff festival brings electronic art to life



​​An Art Science and Technology project brought art to life in a recent local festival.

The European Art Science and Technology Network (EASTN) featured at this month’s Made in Roath Festival, which took place in Cardiff M.A.D.E during October 16-18 and in CF24 Project between 17-18 October.

During the three day festival, EASTN, comprised of 40 artists, five institutions and creative organisations, showcased a selection of these artistic works around the theme ‘tangibility’.

EASTN aims at making creativity and digital artworks more accessible to society, by promoting the development of a deep and collective awareness of the current artistic trends and technologies.

During the festival, several areas of artistic creation were represented, including music, animation, multi-sensory arts and interactive projects and performances.

Alexandros Kontogerogakopoulos and Olivia Kotsifa, academics in the Cardiff School of Art and Design (CSAD) at Cardiff Metropolitan University, are the UK partners in the EASTN project and were behind organising the events.

Alexandros said: “Tangibility is at the core of a current major evolution in artistic creation. The exhibition explored new ways to interact with information and digital media, which rely more on the role of senses and gesture to establish links between real and virtual worlds.

“Both venues were packed with academics, students, professionals and the general public – it really was a big success and we’re looking forward to collaborating with other local events in the near future.”

For more information on the European Art Science and Technology Network and the work they carry out, visit www.eastn.eu