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Carnage on the streets of Cardiff



​Photo ​credit: Thomas Mayer​​

The fine city of Cardiff has never witnessed such devastating scenes of destruction and chaos. So it will come as great comfort to citizens to learn that it is on an incredibly small scale--- 1:87 to be precise---and safely contained within a 40ft shipping container, as part of a surreal model village experience visiting the city.

The Aftermath Dislocation Principle (ADP) is a post-riot landscape created in miniature by acclaimed artist Jimmy Cauty -- co-creator of chart-topping band The KLF and its subsequent, million pound-burning arts incarnation The K Foundation.​

Following the ADP's critically-acclaimed appearance at Banksy's Dismaland last summer, the installation has taken to the road, re-housed in a specially converted shipping container, which will open its doors to visitors across the UK, at the sites of historic riots.

The Adp Riot Tour hits the Llandaff Campus of Cardiff Metropolitan University on 16th- 22nd May 2016, showcasing a vast diorama detailing the aftermath of a major disturbance – something that Cardiff has itself experienced in 1911, 1919 and most recently, in the 1991 Ely Bread Riots.

Far from inciting another riot, the event's organisers hope the experience will be a peaceful and thought-provoking one, with the only real disturbance being the constant chatter of miniature police radios, dotted all over the exhibit. ​​​

Admission is free. 

Opening times:

Tuesday 17th to Thursday 19th May: 9am to 5pm

Friday 20th May: 9am to 9pm

Saturday 21st May: 12pm to 6pm

Sunday 22nd May: 12pm to 8pm​