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Colloquium held in UAE for Cardiff Met MBA Students



​Westford University College held a 'Colloquium' event in Sharjah, UAE to acknowledge the achievements of students who have successfully completed a Cardiff Met MBA degree.

Westford University College has worked closely with Cardiff Metropolitan University since 2014 to provide opportunities for work-based learners in the UAE.

The aim of the event was to give MBA students an opportunity to share their research journeys, challenges and best practices. The insights and suggestions shared at the event helped set a precedent for the standard of work expected from all forthcoming students.

A total of seven participants presented their work and each individual was given 10 minutes to present the key findings of their research. The winners of the colloquium were judged on three important criteria; content, engagement and presentation.

The event was attended by three panellists; Dr. Mukul Madahar, MBA Programme Director at Cardiff Metropolitan University, Mr. Zawahir Siddique, the Associate Dean of Westford University College and Ms. Sufia Munir, a faculty member at Westford.  

The event was also attended by two of the supervisors and Senior Lecturers from Cardiff Metropolitan University; Stephen Bibby and Harry Cameron. Participation from the supervisory team was an invaluable source of inspiration for all the students who were presenting.  Mr. Hanil Das, the Executive Director and Business Head at Westford University College was also present to celebrate the achievements of the students. 

All participants presenting their dissertations successfully shared insights and challenges from their particular research journeys. Mr. David Aldred was presented with the award for best presenter of the 'Colloquium 2017'. He previously received the 'Neville Gaunt Prize' for the best MBA dissertation amongst Cardiff Met students in 2016.

Dr. Mukul Madahar, MBA Programme Director at Cardiff Metropolitan University said: "This event was a great success and we attribute this success to the enthusiastic presentations from the students involved, the encouragement provided by the audience, the invaluable presence of the panellists and the hard work of all the people who helped in organising the event. We sincerely hope to see more positive outcomes from such events in the future."

Mr. Firoz Babu, Westford Group CEO said "The Westford' association with Cardiff Met is a story of a successful education partnership in Executive Business Education in the UAE with more than 100 MBA graduates in the last couple of years and more than 100 students enrolled in 2017 forecast to increase further in the coming years".