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Creative students design ad campaign for Capital FM


Winning group of students at the Concept event.

​A group of 20 creative students and graduates from Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff University and University of South Wales have recently designed an advertising campaign for Capital FM as part of Concept, a 4 day event organised by the Universities' entrepreneurship departments.

At the start of the event students were given a live brief from Capital FM who were looking for a creative advertising campaign to help promote their smart phone app. Students worked in teams to develop their ideas over the 4 days and were given plenty of guidance, support and feedback from the University staff as well as a number of interactive workshops to help them develop their creativity, advertising knowledge, team working and presentation skills.

Concept was a collaborative event organised by the Universities as part of the Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy South East Wales Higher Educational Hub. The Hub are responsible for developing students and graduates' entrepreneurial abilities and equipping them with the skills needed to start their own business or to be more entrepreneurial in their working lives. Concept was designed to give students practical and real-life experience of working for a client, working as part of a team and using their creativity under time pressures.

On Sunday April 6th students pitched their campaign ideas to a panel of judges which consisted of Chris Hill, Senior Sponsorship Promotions & Digital Account Manager at Capital FM; Catherine Bushell, Entrepreneurship Manager at Cardiff University; Dan Sargent, owner of Blue Stag Studio and Annette Chinn, owner of Taskforce Paintball.

The winning team came up with an exciting new concept which linked the Capital FM app to other popular mobile apps. The judges were impressed with how well the students had met the brief and how creative their ideas were. Chris Hill from Capital FM commented:

''I am genuinely impressed by the enthusiasm from all the students, especially the amount and quality of work that has gone into their presentations. The understanding of the brief and the Capital brand really shone through and it was really good to see new ideas that we hadn't thought about before.''

Malgorzata Jurajda, an Architectural Design graduate from Cardiff Metropolitan University who was part of the winning team said,

''I think this event was a brilliant idea and the workshops really helped with my self-development. I really appreciated that graduates were still able to be involved in activities like this and I found it really valuable working on a real live brief. The event helped to take me out of my comfort zone and it was very valuable.''

Kat Thomas, an Economics student from Cardiff Metropolitan University added, ''This event has made me realise that putting together a campaign like this takes a lot of time and has given me a lot of new skills. Also, it has helped me to realise that I am on the right career path and I definitely want to work in Marketing when I graduate!''

Natasha Hashimi, Entrepreneurship Manager at Cardiff Metropolitan University commented, ''Concept was designed to give students a taste for real-life and to give them experience of working on a live brief for a client. If the students took anything away from this weekend I hope that it was a better understanding of the realities of working for a client, under time pressures and working with people you don't know. I'm really impressed with the excellent ideas that the students developed in such a short space of time and look forward to hearing from Capital FM as they develop these ideas.''