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Designing better public services



Conference on service design for public services to be held in Cardiff

On January 29th the SPIDER conference will bring over 140 staff working within public services from across the UK and Europe together to share, debate and learn how design can make public services more innovative.

The conference will be held at the Wales Millennium Centre and has been organised

by PDR, the National Centre for Product Design and Research and Cardiff Council, and is funded by the SPIDER project, an innovation project funded by Interreg IVB and the European Commission.

Vaughan Gething AM, Deputy Minister for Health and Social Care at Welsh Government and Phil Bale leader of Cardiff Council will open proceedings.

Speakers from across Europe will take part in the event including Andrea Siodmok the deputy director of Policy Lab, Dominic Campbell director of FutureGov, Louise Downe Service Design Lead at The Government Digital Service (UK Cabinet Office) and many more.

The conference aims to stimulate new ideas, projects and connections that will ensure that citizens in Wales will benefit from a more innovative civil service in 2015 and beyond.

It will look to address three core areas of public services:

Health and social care – How do we start to work in new ways and deliver impactful innovations that benefit our service users?

Youth Unemployment – Tackling the causes of youth unemployment requires collaboration with multiple agencies. How re-designing services can prepare young people for the professional work environment and increase the uptake of jobs, work experience and apprenticeships.

Innovation Culture – A strong innovation culture will contribute towards more effective services for citizens. How can organisations establish this within the tight economic constraints faced by public services?

Paul Thurston, Head of Service Design at PDR said: "Public services need to be simpler to use, better at meeting citizens needs and at the same time they need to do this more efficiently than ever before."

"Its amazing to bring events on this scale to PDR and Cardiff, the mix of participants from all around the world reaffirms our belief that service design is one of the key emerging trends in design."