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Dr John Littlewood Explores Energy Issues in New Book



Dr John Littlewood, Senior Lecturer in Architectural Design Technology & Head of the Sustainable & Resilient Built Environment Research group in Cardiff School of Art & Design (CSAD) at Cardiff Metropolitan University, has had a new book published on the assessment, design, construction and optimisation of smart buildings and energy control systems for a sustainable future. The book is entitled ‘Smart Energy Control Systems for Sustainable Buildings’.

The book explores how the design, construction, operation and control of sustainable buildings must become much smarter to limit the use of energy resources such as natural gas which is becoming less reliable and also more socially controversial, when extracted from fracking. As such the topics include optimisation of renewable energy, holistic buildings and services for a sustainable future, methodologies for smart monitoring and controls using intelligent systems, and scenarios for a sustainable future and the role of energy storage.

The book is a culmination of three years’ work by Dr Littlewood as lead editor of four international experts and collaborators in his field. He has also co-authored one of the chapters with John Cosgrove, one of his students who has undertaken a Professional Doctorate in Engineering (D.Eng) at CSAD, and Paul Wilgeroth.

John Cosgrove is the Section Head of Electrical Engineering at Limerick Institute of Technology and Paul is a Senior Lecturer in Product Design and Design Engineering in CSAD who has also supervised John Cosgrove’s D.Eng. The group from Cardiff Met are one of 11 authoring teams who were invited to develop their papers into chapters that had been presented at one of the Sustainability in Energy and Buildings (SEB) International Conferences, which have taken place annually since 2009. Dr Littlewood chaired the SEB17 international conference in Crete in July and is Honouree Chair of SEB18. 

The University itself is also developing a new strategy incorporating smart technology, design technology and engineering and Dr Littlewood believes that this book and his chapter’s themes will fit well within this broader approach.

He said: “I am proud to have contributed to the discussion, along with colleagues here at Cardiff Metropolitan University, on how we can optimise buildings and energy systems as part of a sustainable approach to the challenges we face as society around energy security.

“This discussion is vital to the future of all of us and the communities in which we live and work.”