Dr. Richard Neil works with the WRU to prepare Welsh Under 20 rugby squad for the Six Nations


Dr. Richard Neil from Cardiff School of Sport has recently started a role as Performance Psychologist with the Wales Under 20s rugby squad.

The team has continued preparations for the Six Nations over the new year and Dr. Neil's appointment as Performance Psychologist has introduced an emphasis on values.

He said: "We've begun by looking at the players' expectations of themselves, which in turn drive behaviours which create a vibrant training and playing culture.

"That work is ongoing and we'll also be looking at preparation for competition, getting to and maintaining the right mind-set and dealing with the cauldron of pressure which will occur during that period."

For further information on the squad's preparations for the Six Nations, click on the link below:

Wales U20 in good shape for Six Nations

Wales U20 in good shape​