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Entrepreneurial students test trade at Cardiff Christmas Market



​Nia Hassett-Rees at her Christmas Market stall.

​Students and graduates from some of Wales' leading universities have recently put their entrepreneurial skills to the test by selling their products at the Cardiff Christmas Market which was organised by CraftFolk.  

17 students took part in the market over a two week period selling a range of items from clothing and jewellery to ceramics and prints. This gave students the opportunity to test the market, gain valuable feedback on their products, check their pricing and earn some cash.

The opportunity was provided by the South East Wales Higher Education Hub, a Welsh Government funded initiative to support the delivery of the Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy in Wales.  Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff University and University of South Wales work collaboratively as a Hub to deliver activities and regional events to inspire and develop student's entrepreneurial skills.  Students from all three Universities took part in the market which was held in the Hayes, Cardiff City Centre from the 13th to 29th November 2014. 

Six students from Cardiff Metropolitan University took part in the market. Nia Hassett-Rees, a Business Management student from Cardiff Metropolitan University said: "The whole experience has been fantastic and it has given me a real insight into what it's like running a small business.

"It has been great to have so many people admiring and complimenting my work and it has definitely given me the confidence needed to sell to the public again in the future."

From initial evaluations the students have taken £1170, with the total figure yet to be confirmed. The students were able to keep all of the profit made on the day.

Entrepreneurship Education Manager for Cardiff Metropolitan University, Natasha Hashimi, said: "As a collaborative hub we aim to help our students to develop entrepreneurial skills and provide them with opportunities to explore the real world of an entrepreneur. The Christmas Market is a prime example of this and we are thrilled that it was such a successful venture for the students."