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Cardiff Met welcomes delegates from over 30 international universities to celebrate the success of Erasmus Mundus


​Delegates at Erasmus Mundus Consortium meeting hosted at Cardiff Metropolitan University ​

The University received circa 50 delegates from over 30 universities across the EU and Middle East North Africa (MENA) region for two Erasmus Mundus projects coordinated by Cardiff Met: European Partnership International Cooperation with Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine (EPIC) and EU - Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya International Cooperation (EU-METALIC).

The consortium meetings, which spanned 2 days, focussed on the progress and achievements of the projects thus far as well as planning ahead for the final year of the EPIC and EU-METALIC projects. Discussions centred on the future sustainability and dissemination of the projects' results and successes.

13 universities attended the EPIC meeting from across Europe and the Middle East, with Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria all represented. Dedicated presentations from the University of Liège and the University of Bologna on the theme of academic recognition enabled the delegates to discuss at length this common barrier to mobility.

19 universities attended the EU-METALIC meeting from across Europe and North Africa, with Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia all represented. We were also joined by representatives of the National Erasmus+ Office in Libya and Egypt to discuss the challenges for Erasmus Mundus in the region and the role that Erasmus+ will play over the next five years.​

To support the continued cooperation amongst the consortium, sessions on the Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020 programme were delivered, allowing all those present to learn about what opportunities are available once the projects are complete.

Professor Mohamed Loutfi, Pro Vice Chancellor (International), commented on the successful consortium event: 'It was great to host almost 50 international delegates at Cardiff Met for this two day meeting. The EPIC and EU-METALIC partnerships have been in existence for 3 years now, and the layers of interaction that have occurred between our universities since is a testament to what we have laid down in the foundations of both partnerships. It is this friendship that is so valued by us, and motivates both projects to move forward in their achievements.'

Issued by: Claire Power, International Office, Cardiff Metropolitan University​ 

Contact Claire on 029 2020 5649 cpower@cardiffmet.ac.uk