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Intentional Communities Symposium



​We are organising a symposium to bring together people living in intentional communities, researchers, developers, policy makers, housing associations and others to learn about the barriers to new communities and how they can be overcome here in Wales. View our website here.

The day will aim to develop a better understanding amongst participants, and to encourage creative thinking and innovative approaches to housing and community. This is not a meant as a practical guide (these are already available) but as a guide to better understanding some of the barriers so that they can be avoided/dealt with at an early stage.

Key outcomes:

  • Why do people choose (or not) to join communities?
  • The process of group formation.
  • Issues of power - the 'formers' (people who initiate and carry through) and 'joiners' (people who join existing communities)
  • What are the signs / indicators that a conceptual community will develop into a reality?
  • Considerations of design and sustainability

This event is free, if you are interested in attending follow the link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/intentional-communities-symposium-tickets-16499805362