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Stroke Hub Wales Symposium Hosted at Cardiff Met



A public engagement event focussing on the issues surrounding strokes has been held at Cardiff Met to inform the local community on challenges faced as well as support available. This was hosted by Stroke Hub Wales and Cardiff School of Sport and Health Sciences.

Over 70 delegates including the public, industry, academia, NHS staff, AHPs and students attended the event, which was addressed by Cardiff School of Sport and Health Science's Professor Philip James (Academic Lead, Stroke Hub Wales). Dr Hamsaraj Shetty provided a review of how stroke research has developed over the past 15 or so years, and Mrs Jacqui James MBE stunned the audience with a beautiful and heart felt account of her own trials, perspective and feelings following her stroke and how she has dealt with things. Lifestyle support issues were also discussed, with Ms Lea Likozar and Mr Peter Lewis presenting on Laughter, Yoga and its importance in Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke Hub Wales (SHW) was launched at Cardiff Metropolitan University on the 9th November 2017, as part of the Welsh Government's five-year strategy to tackle stroke and its often devastating effects.

The resource facility supports and coordinates research, innovation and education programmes across Wales, in recognition of the fact that strokes are among the top three causes of death and the leading cause of adult disability in Wales.

Around 7,400 individuals will have a stroke in Wales each year, with 66,000 currently living with the after effects of a stroke. It is estimated however, that 70 per cent of stroke cases could have been avoided, which is the purpose of the Welsh Government's five-year cross sector and collaborative delivery plan to tackle strokes in individuals of all ages.

Dr Abdul Seckam, SHW Manager at Cardiff Metropolitan University added: "In essence, Stroke Hub Wales endeavours to develop a coordinated approach to attain funding support for excellent practice and world-leading research. It was useful to be able to share ideas, research and observations with fellow experts and those affected by strokes, in order to progress with our aim of getting to the crux of providing the best treatment or prevention of cases. We hope to meet regularly for the benefit of all."

Stroke Hub Wales builds on established relationships with Stroke Cymru and the British Heart Foundation.

Please visit the Stroke Hub Wales webpage at www.stroke.wales and twitter handle @StrokeHubWales