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Taste Testers Invited to Register Online to Give Opinion on New Food and Drink Products



Cardiff Metropolitan University is launching a unique online database recruitment system for sensory evaluation – the first of its kind for the University.

ZERO2FIVE Food Industry Centre (FIC) is part of Cardiff School of Health Sciences (CSHS) and is launching an online database recruitment system to recruit individuals to take part in consumer sensory analysis at the centre.

The recruitment system will be open to external participants for the first time, in order that the centre can compile a database with a more diverse demographic from across the area. This will enable businesses and their clients to access specific demographic groups to take part in consumer taste panel tests. 

Previously, the database has included students and staff. Jamie Old, research assistant for the Food Industry Centre, said: "This is an exciting time for the Food Industry Centre and for Cardiff Met. Opening up our taste panel sessions to individuals from outside the University means we can offer businesses a bigger selection of people from a wider demographic; if they want the opinions of a specific demographic, we can provide them with this."

Financial compensation such as gift vouchers is available for some projects.

ZERO2FIVE Food Industry Centre is a department within Cardiff Metropolitan University that provides businesses with technical, operational and commercial support to enable them to compete more effectively. Within the FIC there are state of the art facilities that businesses can utilize, including the Sensory Evaluation Suite, which is one of the largest in the UK and the only facility of its kind in Wales.

The suite is designed to enable a more objective approach to new product evaluation and ensures partner companies and external businesses are equipped with an independent, cost effective analysis of their new products. 

Swansea-based Lewis Pies and Pastry Co. has seen the benefits of using The Sensory Evaluation Suite at the Food Industry Centre and attributes part of their success in developing new products to the facility.

Kim Lewis, technical manager at Lewis Pies and Pastry Co., said: "We have used the Sensory Lab on a few occasions when we have developed new and improved products. This has benefited us greatly as we get honest feedback on the results. We are fortunate to have access to such hi-tech facilities and staff there are always on the end of the phone."

To sign up to become a participant of the taste panel database, please visit: https://cardiffmet.eu.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_8cYKnvsvJ5yJRs1  ​