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CSAD Masters Show 2017: Young Cardiff-based Designer Promotes Sustainable Manufacturing Methods



​Andrew has already manufactured several hedgehog houses and owl boxes and is looking to expand his practice to anything else that is domestic pet related.

Solving problems in a sustainable manner has become Andrew Hallam's creative purpose. Since moving to Cardiff, the 23-year-old designer from Nottingham has nurtured a growing interest for efficient manufacturing methods.

Andrew, who just completed a Masters in Product design at CSAD, explains: "My approach to design is that of a realistic nature, designing products and manufacturing systems that society needs today and that can be implemented tomorrow.  No design should be made without purpose, there must always be a need and it should exist to make someone's life just that little bit easier."

The 'realistic designer', as he calls himself, has several other projects in the pipeline, including the launch of a business designing and making large scale purpose designed pet enclosures, having looked at animals' real needs.

Registered as self-employed, Andrew has already manufactured several hedgehog houses and owl boxes for residential use and is now looking to expand his practice to bird boxes, bat boxes, dog kennels, small to large scale aviaries and anything else that is domestic pet related.

Andrew grew up surrounded by pets of all sorts, some more exotic than others. While his sister has become the manager of a pet shop, Andrew works with his mother who runs 'Animal Antic Encounters', a petting zoo that caters for children's parties.

Andrew said: "My goal is to make high quality, well-built solutions that will last and be recognized as my own whilst being sustainable."

Andrew has been selected to join CSAD's Incubation Unit, which will give him access to a studio and to the University's facilities for just £100 per month. He will make best use of this opportunity to work on a confidential prototype project for John Littlewood, a Senior Architectural Lecturer at the University.

Andrew says: "I am a strong believer in high quality products. Just because a product is cheap doesn't mean it is the best value for money, it's in fact often not.

"In my practice, I consider the use of materials, the way they are processed and recycled, to maximise the energy and material used in every way possible as well as creating as little impact on the environment and people as absolutely necessary. I will always use an alternative to plastic wherever I can. For my business, I will mainly use aluminium and wood, some of the most sustainable materials we have on the planet.

"Sustainability isn't just about being green or eco-friendly, it is about thinking about the lifetime of the product making it of higher quality so it last longer making it more worthwhile."