Initiating the Relationship

The Mentoring Process - Initiate

Initiating the Relationship

​​Mentoring can make big differences to individual pupils.  The advice and experience that a mentor brings can make enormous differences.​​




​Being prepared, and the potential of mentoring

​Being prepared and ready for the role is essential.  How to prepare and areas for consideration.






Body language

How you say it, rather than what you are saying, is often more important.  

Reflecting upon the mentees body-language will also help you understand how they are feeling.




Comfort zone

As a mentor you may want to expand a mentees comfort zone so they feel more confident to try new things or approach challenges in a positive way. 

If approached correctly it will help establish clear expectations and address barriers. ​




Establishing groundrules

​Developing ground rules is a good start to your mentoring relationship, these boundaries will form the basis of all the meetings to come and will help outline expectations.​​






The four Ps, and the purpose of mentoring

​Help a young person to grow from a dependent learner to an independent learner.






Perception and communication

​Perception accentuates all manner of communication that takes place.






The position of mentoring

​Establishing where along the spectrum of relationship types mentoring sits helps to understand the mentor understand their role.​






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