CTI Group




​Location: South Africa

Collaboration: External Moderation


​CTI Education Group (CTI) is a registered, private higher education institution based in South Africa. CTI is accredited by the South African Council of Higher Education (CHE) and the British Accreditation Council (BAC) in the UK and has twelve campuses spread throughout South Africa. This unique, dual accreditation ensures that all programmes and academic service delivery (both for local and international programmes) is of the highest local and international standards and that learners have more comprehensive employment opportunities available to them upon completion of their studies.


The arrangement between Cardiff Metropolitan University and CTI is that of external moderation, which means that the University staff provide quality assurance guidance as well as support for academic development of the partner institution. The awards are not those of the University, nor are students enrolled with the University. In time, other collaborations may develop from such a partnership, inc​luding on-campus​ transfers, joint research and staff/student exchanges.​


For more information on CTI Group, please visit their website.