City Unity College




Location: Greece (Athens) & Cyprus (Nicosia)

Collaboration: Franchise and Validation


​City Unity College (CUC) was established in 1999 as a branch of City University Seattle. In 2007, a change in the law allowed the College to act as an independent education provider. An agreement was consequently reached with City University Seattle that the College would award its programmes under a franchise arrangement but that the College would operate as an independent institution. The College is currently overseen by an Advisory and Executive Board and members of City University Seattle do not sit on the Board. In 2010, the College was licensed by the Greek Ministry of Education to deliver higher education programmes in collaboration with foreign universities.

The collaboration between CUC and​ Cardiff Metropolitan University commenced in 2013 when the University approved a portfolio of programmes via Cardiff School of Management and Cardiff School of Health Sciences at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. The first cohorts of students commenced their studies at CUC in October 2013, with a second cohort enrolling in January 2014. There are currently 2 intake points a year during October and January. 


From October 2014 CUC has also been offering a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes through its new branch in Cyprus, City Unity College Nicosia (CUC Nicosia), established in August 2014. The first cohorts of students commenced their studies at CUC Nicosia in October 2014, with a second cohort enrolling in January 2015. There are currently 2 intake points a year in October and January. 


Cardiff Metropolitan University offers the following programmes in partnership with CUC:

  • BA Accounting and Finance (Franchise)
  • BA Business Economics (Franchise)
  • BA Business and Management Studies (Franchise)
  • BA International Food and Beverage Management (Validation) (Athens only)
  • BA International Hospitality and Tourism Management (Validation)
  • BA International Travel and Tourism Management (Validation)
  • BA Events Management (Franchise)
  • BSc Psychology (Franchise)
  • BSc Computing (Franchise)
  • LLM (Franchise)
  • MBA (Franchise)
  • MSc Health Psychology (Franchise)
  • MSc Computing (Franchise) (Athens only)
  • MSc Health Psychology (Franchise)
  • MSc Hospitality Management (Franchise)
  • MSc Tourism Management​ (Franchise)

For more information about CUC, please visit their website.