Renmin University


​Location: China

Collaboration: Franchise

Officially established in 1950, Renmin University is one of the most prestigious universities in China, with a distinct focus on humanities and social sciences. It has produced many influential figures in China's reform and development, and is home to many outstanding scholars in law, economics, journalism and other fields. As measured by admission scores of China's National Higher Education Entrance Examination, it has consistently ranked among the top three most selective Chinese universities in the liberal arts and social science division.

Currently Renmin University consists of 23 schools, 13 research institutes and the graduate school, with 60 specialties for undergraduate, 8 specialties for the second-bachelor's degree students, 140 specialties for the Master's degree candidates and 92 specialties for the Doctor's degree candidates. Renmin University is entitled 25 national key disciplines, ranks No.5 of China, 13 national key research bases of humanities and social sciences, ranks No.1 of China, and 6 national teaching and research bases of fundamental arts disciplines, ranks No.1 of China.

Cardiff Metropolitan University offers the following programmes in partnership with Renmin:

  • BA International Business Administration

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