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What is the HEAR?

The HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report) replaces the Academic Transcript and is designed to capture your Academic Achievements, alongside those extra-curricular Activities that Cardiff Met believes are valuable.

You can read more about it at http://hear.ac.uk/

What does a HEAR look like?

The HEAR has a standard format. It is no more than 8 pages long and is issued as a PDF. You can see an example of a HEAR here.

How do I view my HEAR?

You'll be sent an email to your Cardiff Met account with a link to activate your HEAR, that link is unique to you. If you have lost or deleted the email, contact hear@cardiffmet.ac.uk for it to be reissued .The HEAR is web-based so you will log on using your usual Student ID and password. You can look at it any time while you're studying and after you graduate. While you're studying, it will be updated every year with your Validated extra-curricular Activities and Academic Results.

Who will receive a HEAR?

From February 2017, Cardiff Met is issuing all those campus based undergraduate Degrees with a Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).

Will I still get a Degree Certificate at the end of my studies?

Yes, your Degree Certificate will come to you in the usual way.

Will I still get a paper copy of my Transcript?

No, from now on the HEAR replaces all undergraduate paper Transcripts so we will not be issuing them to students from July 2017. It's important that you activate your HEAR account via the personalised email sent to you before your graduation. You will be able to give potential employers access to your electronic HEAR by following the simple steps in the GradIntelligence system, you can revoke this access at any time.

How much does it cost?

The HEAR is completely free of charge for you. Cardiff Met is covering all the costs of setting up and maintaining the system with GradIntelligence and will continue to do so.

Will my HEAR ever expire?

No, after you graduate it is finalised and will remain available to you indefinitely.

What is Gradintelligence?

Gradintelligence are Cardiff Met's technology partner for the HEAR, they work with over 40 universities to provide HEARs.

Will Gradintelligence get my personal data?

Cardiff Metropolitan University will share your data with Gradintelligence only for the purposes of producing the HEAR and making it available to you electronically. Gradintelligence offers registered students other services which may be of interest i.e the option to submit applications for advertised employment opportunities and to share your HEAR with employers. 

These services are entirely optional and no data will be passed to employers without your permission. Cardiff Metropolitan University will arrange your initial registration with the Gradintelligence service and you will receive an e-mail containing a link to activate your account. At this point you will be free to specify the ways in which you would like to be notified of opportunities and opt out of communications as you wish.

How do I use my HEAR to help me secure employment?

You will be able to give potential employers access to your HEAR from the Gradintelligence system for a specified length of time. This will allow them to see a verified record of your University life and Achievements.

Will my HEAR only show the modules that count towards my final Degree?

Your HEAR will show all of the modules you studied during your undergraduate studies. This may include some modules that did not contribute towards your final mark.  Cardiff Met believes it is important to show your complete academic profile which will include any failed modules or re-sits.

If I stay at Cardiff Met for a Masters' Degree or other qualification, will my HEAR be updated?

No, your HEAR relates to one programme of study. Currently Cardiff Met issues HEARs for campus based undergraduate programmes (BA, BSc) but it may issue them for postgraduate courses in the future. 

If I go on to study a Master's Degree or other qualification elsewhere will I have 1 or 2 HEARs?

As above, if the Institution where you study your Masters issues HEARs, you will then receive a separate one for that course of study.

Who do I contact to correct missing or inaccurate data on my HEAR?

Current students can raise errors or gaps with their personal tutors, or you can send your question to customerservices@gradintel.com, ensuring your query is resolved satisfactorily. Once the problem is highlighted, we will investigate and make corrections as necessary. 

Activities and Academic results will only be updated once a year, so you may not see everything immediately.

Are other Universities issuing HEARs?

Yes, since 2012 over 40 universities have started issuing them, or in the process of developing them. We expect that the majority of UK universities will issue them soon. 

Section 6.1

What is Section 6.1 of my HEAR

A HEAR shows not only your Academic Marks but also a validated record of extra-curricular Activity which is contained in Section 6.1. This gives the HEAR a fuller picture of your time at University than the Transcript.

Can I choose the information that's included in the 6.1 Section of my HEAR?

Yes, the Gradintelligence system allows you to choose which of your Section 6.1 Activities you want to show or hide. If there is an Activity that you don't want to share with potential employers or postgraduate study providers, there is a simple process for you to hide it.

What happens if I don't have anything listed in Section 6.1?

This means that you didn't participate in any Verified Activities (check the list here). While you're still studying at Cardiff Met you can continue participate in Activities right up to your last term. We encourage you to consider one of the listed activities.  If you are currently taking part in any activity that you think should be listed, please either speak to the person running the Activity or contact us at hear@cardiffmet.ac.uk.  Activities are validated biannually and it is the responsibility of the Activity Owner to provide up-to-date lists of students associated with that activity.

I took part in a Validated Activity last Academic Year but it didn't show up on my HEAR when it was updated?

If the HEAR is still formative, in that you have not yet graduated from Cardiff Met, you will need to contact the Activity Owner who is normally the person running the Activity or email hear@cardiffmet.ac.uk.