Graduation ceremonies: future dates



​​Future Cardiff Metropolitan University Awards Ceremonies:​​​​

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Future Dates:
Please note that these dates may be subject to change due to circumstances beyond the control of the Graduation Office.

17th February 2017** - London School of Commerce - 11.30am


10th to 14th July 2017***

Monday 10th July 2017 - Cardiff School of Education at 10.00am and 1.30pm

Tuesday 11th July 2017 - Cardiff School of Management and Partner Colleges at10.00am and 1.30pm

Wednesday 12th July 2017 - Cardiff School of Art & Design at 10.00am

Thursday 13th July 2017 - Cardiff School of Health Sciences at 10.00am and 1.30pm

Friday 14th July 2017 - Cardiff School of Sport at 10.00am


9th to 13th July 2018*** Times to be confirmed

15th to 19th July 2019*** Times to be confirmed

13th to 17th July 2020*** Times to be confirmed

*      Venue:     St David's Hall

**    Venue:    City Hall
***  Venue:    Wales Millennium Centre