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Ethics Governance


​To allow a fast and convenient route to promote and resolve any ethical issues that you might feel affect you or the University in general, Cardiff Metropolitan University operates a dual process for submitting an ethical issue, problem or proposal for consideration.

The two routes which can be followed are:

Route One
Most ethics issues are dealt with directly by School Ethics Commitees which provide a specialised service dedicated to the specific school needs.  The committee may then, on occasion, decide to refer to the University Ethics Committee (UEC) which has a much broader advisory role.  School committees will be the route most applications for ethics approval or advice will follow.  School contact details are availalbe via the link on the right hand side of this page.

Route Two
There may be times however when the school frameworks are not the appropriate mechanism.  For instance, you may be part of a unit rather than a school, or your concern may be with the School framework.  In these instances, you may follow the second route that submits directly to the Chair of that committee.

UEC is chaired by Prof Scott Fleming and its membership comprises indivdiuals from across Cardiff Met.  UEC is administered by Research & Enterprise Services and any queries should be directed to Kate Jefferies in the first instance.


In general terms, it is not the role of an ethics committee to examine personal complaints or issues for which there are other procedures laid down by the university.