What is a Professional Doctorate?

​​​​​​Welcome to the Professional Doctorate programme at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

The Professional Doctorate is a higher degree programme specifically structured to support change within professional practice and/or within your organisation. 

During your Professional Doctorate, the changes you propose, plan and, potentially, implement are designed to have a positive influence on your professional practice.  These changes may also have a positive influence on facets of your organisation. 

What can change look like?

Change can look very different from one professional practice and/or organisation to another. The type of change you may propose, plan for, and then potentially implement may be large through a focus on changes in structural or cultural factors (such as policy, strategy, systems, organisational structures and/or teams). Large changes may also occur through changes to process factors such as technology, software, product design, service delivery, and the knowledge that underpins practice and/or organisations.  In contrast, changes can also be smaller by focusing on people-centred changes, through consideration of such factors as attitudes and behaviours, skills, roles and responsibilities, developmental programmes, and performances of individuals.

Consequently, the focus of your Professional Doctorate will be relevant to your professional practice and will most likely be unique.

But it's not a PhD!

The Professional Doctorate has the same status and challenges as a PhD. However there are a few subtle differences. A PhD should develop new knowledge and/or theory, whereas a Professional Doctorate should develop changes in professional practice and/or organisations, informed by existing knowledge and/or theory or knowledge developed from undertaking the professional doctorate. 

The Professional Doctorate is a recognised qualification World Wide.

We offer more insight into our programme and support within this handbook, but if you ever have any queries throughout your candidature, please don't hesitate to the team.

What Professional Doctorate programmes are available at Cardiff Met?

   ​​> Doctor of Education (EdD) ​​

   ​> Doctor of Professional Practice (DProf)

   > Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

   > Doctor of Professional Practice (DProf)

   > Doctor of Engineering (DEng) (Joint programme with CSAD(lead) and PDR)

   ​​> Doctor of Sustainable Built Environment (DSBE)

   > Doctor of Professional Practice (DProf)​

   > Doctor of Engineering (DEng) (Joint programme with CSM and PDR)


   ​​​> Doctor of Professional Practice (DProf)

   > Doctor of Engineering (DEng) (Joint programme with CSAD(lead) and CSM)

Am I eligible?

Students shall normally progress onto the Professional Doctorate programme having completed 120 credits through taught modules at Level 7 (M), as part of an MA, MSc or MBA programme.

Applicants may be granted exception from the above Master's level study, for more information on entrance requirements please follow the link below: 

     >  Cardiff Metropolitan University Professional Doctorate Entrance Requirements

If you are still unsure of your eligibility for the programme please contact the team by emailing profdoc@cardiffmet.ac.uk and we will be happy to help with your enquiry. 

How much will it cost?

To view a full list of the full and part time fees at Cardiff Metropolitan University click on the link below:

    > Full and Part Time Fees 2017-18

(Professional Doctorate programme fees can be found on pages 3 and 4).

How do I apply?

In the first instance please contact the relevant School contact prior to application to discuss the proposed area of study. The links to the School contacts can be found in the 'What Professional Doctorate programmes are available at Cardiff Met?' drop down box above.

Following this please contact profdoc@cardiffmet.ac.uk stating which programme you are interested in applying for and we will inform you of the next steps and of the full application procedure. 


Dr Rich Neil
Professional Doctorate Portfolio Manager
Research & Enterprise Services
Llandaff Campus
Western Avenue
E: profdoc@cardiffmet.ac.uk 

For programme specific enquiries please view the relevant programmes in the drop down list under 'What Professional Doctorate programmes are available at Cardiff Met?'.

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