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Strength and Conditioning Student Supports Welsh Lacrosse Team in Florida

BSc SCRaM student Jessica Hatton-Evans has been working with the Welsh Lacrosse National Team travelling with them to the European Championships in Prague in August 2015 and more recently in February 2016 to Florida for a week-long tour. In Florida the team played 6 teams in 7 days, working extremely hard in hot conditions. 

In her role as Strength and Conditioning coach she managed the teams warm ups, cool downs, recovery, pool sessions and hydration.  She also acted as Injury Management Therapist, completing all the pitch-side medical cover and further managed any injuries off pitch throughout the tour. CSS are very proud that our students are of the calibre to be offered such positions.  Jessica said of her experiences:

"I have learnt that you've got to take risks in the sporting world, not stay in your comfort zone, especially as a female and prove your worth. I had never seen Lacrosse before and still applied for the position and now, I love watching the sport and after putting in the time and effort, have been able to travel around the world with a National Team at the age of 20."