CYQ Level 2 Gym Instructors Qualification & CYQ Level 3 Personal Trainers Course - Package



For further information and enrolment: Please contact Richard at or 07866 528819

Course Length: 24 days over weekends

The full course will cost £1200 and will include your registration costs, certificate and manuals for the courses.​​

CYQ Level 2 Gym Instructors Qualification

Entry Requirements:
No formal qualifications are required

Course Content:
This course is designed for those who wish to work with clients in a gym setting, the course is nationally recognised and gives entry onto the Register of Exercise Professionals. The course covers:  

  • Anatomy & physiology 

  • Correct technique (c.v. equipment, resistance machines & free weights) 

  • Teaching skills and effective teaching methods 

  • Lesson planning 

  • Principles of training, programme planning & design 

  • Promoting active lifestyles

 Course Objectives:
To prepare individuals to work in the leisure and fitness industry, in a gym, health club or leisure centre. From here you can progress to a Personal Trainer or further opportunities for development.

Course aimed at:
Primarily at sports students but anyone interested in becoming a Fitness Professional.

Programme Leader: Richard Harris

CYQ Level 3 Personal Trainers Course  

Entry Requirements: CYQ Level 2 Gym Instructors Course

Synopsis of Content:
There are five units which make up the CYQ Personal Trainer Award:
1. Business Skills CYQ Award
2. Client Lifestyle & Fitness Testing CYQ Award
3. Nutrition & Weight Management CYQ Award
4. Training in Different Environments CYQ Award
5. Advanced Instructor Award (incl. Advanced Programming) CYQ Award 

Course Objectives:
Provides the basis for a closer and more motivational relationship between client and trainer. Candidates will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of the following broad areas:

Exercise and fitness knowledge
How to plan a progressive programme which meets the goals and needs of the individual
How to perform and analyse fitness related tests
How to provide basic and appropriate nutritional advice
How to prepare and market a business strategy

Course aimed at:
Primarily at sports students but anyone interested in becoming a Fitness Professional

Programme Leaders: Richard Harris

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