Physiology Labs

​In laboratory 1, we have a range of exercise ergometers which reflect our range of expertise and experience in the practical elements of sport & exericse physiology. These exercise machines are used for the sport-specific assessment of performance and the physiological responses to running, cycling, rowing, swimming.

For running activity, we also have conventional motorised treadmill as well as two custom-developed non-motorised treadmill ergometers which are valuable for assessment of sprint running performance.

For cycling, we have around 12 stationary ergometers and one programmable electronic 'Lode' ergometer which replicates the feel and positions of outdoor cycling. The responses to exercise on these machines are assessed by a wide range of technologically advanced equipment.

These analyses allow to make full assessment and description of the body's response to all kinds of exericse performance from a wide range of perspectives. For example, our more advanced procedures allow us to assess the respiratory responses to exercise on a breath-by-breath basis, the oxygen levels in specific muscles (by 'near-infrared spectroscopy'), the cardiovascular responses to exercise and the changes of a wide range of parameters which are assessed from blood samples in the adjoiing Biochemistry laboratory.

In laboratory 2, we focus on the performance of high intensity exercise and it is here where the assessment of muscle strength, power and speed tend to be performed with equipment that assesses these variables using weight-training activity (smith machine), sprint running, sprint cycling and swimming (via a 'swim bench').

The analyses that are possible from this laboratory inform us about the specific muscles that are used during a range of activites (electromyography), as well as the instantaneous application of power and force during strength training activity, sprint running and maximal cycling.