Physiology Research Lab

​​​​Our most specialised equipment is located in the research laboratory for use during current research studies. This is also the centre for external clients who use our services as providers of fitness testing support.​

The labs provide undergraduate students with a chance to gain experience with more advanced ​sports science equipment during their final year dissertation project.

Each laboratory contains a programmable electronic 'Lode' ergometer which replicates the feel and positions of outdoor cycling, as well as an online breath-by-breath metabolic cart, which provides instantaneous information on the physiological changes associated with exercise.

Techniques such as electromyography (EMG) and near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) also allow for a more detailed insight into specific muscular responses associated with different types of exercise.

One of the research laboratories is specifically designed for use by doctoral students and staff members. This laboratory contains advanced and specialist equipment for assessing the cardiovascular responses and adaptations associated with different exercise modalities, in a range of different populations.

2D and 3D ultrasounds are available for non-invasive assessment of both cardiac and arterial structure and function. A specifically designed cardiac stress table allows researchers to apply these techniques during exercise.

Specialist equipment to measure arterial stiffness, muscle sympathetic nerve activity, blood volume and beat-by beat blood pressure is also available to staff and research students.