Study Abroad

​Opportunities to study abroad are available for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The School has longstanding exchange agreements with:

- Department of Kinesiology, California State University, Long Beach
- Department of Exercise Science, Australia Catholic University, Melbourne.

ERASMUS Programme

Students can study at any one of the eighteen European Universities through the medium of English. Students are also encouraged to identify places to study that appeal to them, and within reason, the School and the Cardiff Met's ERASMUS team/ International Office will attempt to develop a bilateral agreements to facilitate academic mobility.

Academic Information

Students studying abroad gain the same number of academic credits towards their degree as they would if they had stayed in Cardiff. As far as possible, each student's module selections are matched with its overseas institution equivalent. Undergraduate students undertake the exchange programme for one semester during the Spring of their second year (level 5) of their programme of study. Graduate students negotiate the time and length of their stay with their programme director.


The study abroad programmes involve no additional tuition charges.
Erasmus students are eligible for a grant of around 300 Euros per month.
Australian Catholic University currently award one Cardiff Met Student a competitive bursary equivalent to AUD$2,500.

For further information and to apply, please contact Dr Alun Hardman, Study Abroad Coordinator: