Sociology and Philosophy of Sport



The group produces innovative, excellent and unique research and made a significant and successful contribution to REF 2014. The sociological and philosophical study of sport at Cardiff Met has a strong and long standing global reputation.  There is a strong focus on ethics, equality and moral agency, mental and physical illness, social theory and methods, sporting sub-cultures, embodiment, nationalism and socio-political change. Examples of research include critique of national eligibility laws, gender testing, martial arts culture, doping policy and female athletic embodiment.     

Main Areas of Research Include:

  • Nationalism, national identity and cosmopolitanism.
  • Moral development, character, role models and responsibility.
  • Cheating, fair play, equality and fairness
  • Race, gender and sexual orientation
  • Illness, addiction, disorder and biographical disruption
  • Research and professional ethics
  • The body, sport and physical culture
  • Continuity, sustainability and change
  • Qualitative methodology

Sociology and Philosophy Staff

Professor Carwyn Jones
Professor Scott Fleming
Dr David Brown
Dr Harry Bowles
Dr Lisa Edwards
Dr Alun Hardman
Dr Neil Hennessy
Dr Hywel Iorwerth


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