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International Association for the Philosophy of Sport

IAPS President's message

Cardiff Metropolitan University welcomes the 2015 annual meeting of the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport, and with much anticipation and as much enthusiasm, as president of the association, I extend to you my warmest invitation. Welcome to Wales! Croeso i Gymru!

Beginning with the very hospitable descendants of the Celtic people, who nowadays know how to​ host, feast, and celebrate with the best, Wales offers something for everyone.  It could not be otherwise from a land steeped in history, lore, and myth that gave us the wondrous stories in the Mabinogion. Its landscape, which ranges from the rugged and beautiful coast and the lush and bucolic prairies and cottages to the striking mountains allows for the quiet pleasures of walking on the sand, the vigorous exertions of robust hiking, and anything in between.  If its natural wonders are plentiful, culturally there is just as much to enjoy.  Quaint small villages and vibrant cities like Swansea and its capital, Cardiff with its modern and exciting waterfront, stadia, and museums.  For those who are lured by things historical and medieval, Wales boasts the most castles per square mile than anywhere in the world.  And gastronomically, there is a cornucopia of dishes and fresh and local foods to be enjoyed, with an animated and innovative cuisine.  Of course, there is sport!  

 Rugby may be the national sport and football the most practiced, but there is much more in addition to the rugged or beautiful games that IAPS attendees can either watch or engage in. Golf and cricket, naturally, are staples. Plenty of water sports can be enjoyed alongside its almost 800-mile coastline. In fact, Wakes hosts, Wakestock, Europe's largest wakeboard festival, and there is an international white water center with an indoor surfing area. Or perhaps a mile-long zip line might be the thing for some.  For those playful and adventurous in spirit, there is Bounce Below, the world's first subterranean playground of its kind. Just as Wales has produced many great rugby players, it also boasts an unusually high number of top sport philosophers who form an impressive generational lineage: David Best, Jim Parry, Mike McNamee, Alun Hardman, and Carwyn Jones (namesake to Wales current prime minister!), to name those most recognizable (for all the right reasons!).

 There is much evidence at this point that this year's conference will be one of the best-attended meetings in recent history.  And there is much to look forward to within the context of the conference itself.  ​Renowned philosopher David Papineau will give the opening Conference Keynote. Moreover, the fifth R. Scott Kretchmar Student Essay Award will recognize the students' best essay.  As was the case last year, Student Travel Awards will provide a significant $ 500 stipend.  

 I extend our gratitude to onsite organizer Alun Hardman and his hard working colleagues for bringing the IAPS family and its annual conference to Cardiff and Wales.  In advance of the great times to be had, and until the Welsh Red Dragon shows us the way, my best wishes! Dymuniadau da!

 Jesús Ilundáin-Agurruza

President, International Association for the Philosophy of Sport (IAPS)