Dr David Aldous


​​Senior Lecturer in Sport P​​edagogy

Telephone number: 029 2041 5292
Email address: daldous@cardiffmet.ac.uk

David Aldous, PhD is a lecturer in Sport Pedagogy in the Cardiff School of Sport. David joined the school in 2014, following a 5 year tenure as a lecturer at the University of East Anglia. Since beginning his post, David has continued to pursue research interests within the fields of pedagogy and sociology. 

His work focuses on exploring and understanding the ways people experience and provide meaning to their transitions within and across a range of education, sport and physical cultures. David is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) and has served as a validation panel member with a number of Further Education institutions.​

Research / Publications

David's research interests lie in exploring and making sense of the interactions between structures, pedagogy and emerging forms of agency, practice and knowledge. Conceptually, these augmented by a reflexive sociological approach informed by (although not exclusive to) the work of Bernstein, Bourdieu and Giddens. David's methodological expertise is focused on developing strong case study approaches,ethnographic research and forms of experimental representation.

Current and future research seeks to further develop cross-disciplinary  understanding of the interconnections within and between forms of education, physical cultures and employment and what implications these have for the knowledge, pedagogical practices and identities of agents.

List of Publications

Articles in Refereed Journals:

Lamb, P., & Aldous, D. (2016), Exploring the relationship between reflexivity and reflective practice through Lesson Study within Initial Teacher Education, International journal for lesson and learning studies, 5, 99-115. [1] 

Lamb, P., Firbank, D., and Aldous, D. (2014) Capturing the world of physical education through the eyes of children with autism spectrum disorders, Sport, Education and Society, DOI:10.1080/13573322.2014.941794

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Lamb, P., Lane, K., and Aldous, D. (2012). Enhancing the spaces of reflection: A buddy peer-review process within physical education initial teacher education. European Physical Education Review, 19,1,21-38

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Aldous, D., & Brown, D. (2010). Framing bodies of knowledge within the acoustics of the school:  exploring pedagogical transition through newly qualified Physical Education teacher experiences. Sport, Education and Society, 15(4), 411-429.

Chapters in Books

Brown, David H. K., and Aldous, David C.R. (2015) Challenging the Economy of Gendered Practices in PE Using Bourdieu's Embodied Reflexive Sociology. In lisahunter, Wayne Smith, and elke emerald (Eds.) Fields of Physical Culture: Encounters with and beyond Pierre Bourdieu (pp. 74–83). Oxford: Routledge.

Invited Conference Presentations and Workshops

Aldous, D., & Wheatley, L. (2016) Making the rules of assessment visible: Understanding how to pedagogically frame the transmission and acquisition of academic skills within vocational subjects: An example from Sport Development, Workshop delivered at Cardiff Metropolitan University Learning and Teaching Conference, Cardiff, July, 2016.

​Aldous, D., Miles, A., & Tong, R. (2015) Ruminations on current and future learning and teaching issues and challenges within the discipline of sport and exercise sciences, Poster presented at British Association for Sport and Exercise Sciences, St George's Park, December, 2015. 

Barker, N. and Aldous, D. (2014) Alan’s transitional processes: exploring the importance of embodying cultural artefacts within BTEC sports qualifications. Paper presented at Oxford Ethnography Conference, Oxford, September, 2014.

Aldous, D. & Freeman, J. (2013). Considerations to the contribution of ethnographic methodologies in understanding the practices and positions of Foundation Degree teaching and learning. Paper presented at Oxford Ethnography Conference, Oxford, September, 2013.

Aldous, D. & Lamb, P. (2013). Understanding spaces of reflexivity: A conceptual consideration towards the development of reflexive practices within the context of Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE). Paper presented at British Education Research Association (BERA, main conference, Brighton, September 2013.

Aldous, D., & Brown, D.H.K. (2012). Alternative perspectives, new directions: The contribution of strong structuration theory in addressing the challenges of higher education. Paper presented at Society for Research in Higher Education (SRHE) Newer Researcher conference, Celtic Manor, South Wales, December 2012.

Aldous, D. (2012). Understanding the contested processes of knowledge-practice mediation within Further to Higher Education transitions. Paper presented at Society for Research in Higher Education (SRHE)  main conference, Celtic Manor, South Wales, December 2012.

Aldous, D. (2011). Understanding the role of recontextualising agents in the construction and transmission of pedagogic knowledge within the context of post-16 sports education. Paper Presented at the Oxford Ethnography Conference (OEC), New College, Oxford University.

Drake, S & Aldous, D. (2012) Enhancing and Understanding Collaborative Practice Between the Fields of Physical Education and Health Professionals. Poster Presentation, College of Occupational Therapy Conference, Glasgow.

Lamb, P. & Aldous, D & Lane, K. (2011). Peer review and evaluation: enhancing reflective abilities of trainee teachers. Poster presentation presented at the Association for Physical Education National Conference.

Aldous, D. & Lamb, P. (2011). The role of E-mentoring in distinguishing pedagogic voices of gifted and talented pupils in Physical Education. Poster presentation presented at the Association for Physical Education National Conference.

Aldous, D., & Brown, D. (2009). Kaleidoscopic Aspirations: Experience(s) of Further Education through the Lenses of Structuration. Paper Presented at the Oxford Ethnography Conference (OEC), St. Hilda’s College, Oxford University.

Aldous,D & Brown, D (2007). Exploring the Transition and Embodiment of Pedagogic Knowledge within Physical Education. Paper presented at the British Educational Research Association, Student Conference, University of London, Institute of Education, London.

    Teaching and Supervision

    David currently delivers on modules in the areas of Physical Education, Sports Coaching and Research Methods at Level 4, 5 and 6. David is also a Level 4 and 6 personal tutor and has supervision responsibilities for undergraduate dissertation students.

    Qualifications and Awards

    BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Sciences, School of Sport and Health Sciences, University of Exeter

    MSc (Distinction) (Specialism in Qualitative research and methodologies), School of Sport and Health Sciences, University of Exeter

    PhD (full time) Qualitative Research Unit, School of Sport and Health Sciences, University of Exeter

    Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)

    External Links

    1. Previous to his role at Cardiff Metropolitan School of Sport, David has engaged with a number of learning and teaching consultancy and conference co-convening activities including,
    1. March 2010: Academic Expert: Validation of BA/BSc in Fitness and Training, Norwich City College.
    2. March 2012: Academic Expert: Validation of BA/BSc in Sport and Exercise Science, Norwich City College.
    3. March 2013: Academic Expert: validation of BSc Top Up programme, Easton College
    4. May 2013-September 2013: External Assessor to Oxford Brookes Univeristy Sports Programme Development Group

    Aldous, D., & Westrup, R. 2012.  FE-HE Seminar Day: “Building knowledge across boundaries: Policy as lived experience within the FE/HE context” Monday 11th June 2012. (Co-Convenor 50:50).

    Aldous, D. & Westrup R. 2013. Scholarly-knowledge and informed practice: where to go next in the HE-FE community?: UEA FE-HE Forum, Wednesday 30th October, 2013, Assembly House, Norwich. (Co-Convenor 50:50).

    Sport / Coaching Profile

    Previously, David has been an active cricketer and rugby player. Currently, David’s interests lie in outdoor adventurous activities and endurance events.