Professor Scott Fleming



Professor of Sport and Leisure Studies

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Professional Roles
Honorary Professor – School of Health Professionals, Faculty of Health, Education and Society, Plymouth University 
Honorary Research Fellow, Asia-Pacific Centre for the Study and Training of Leisure, Zhejiang University, China
Fellow, HEA

Academic Leadership
Chair, Research Degrees Committee
Chair, University Ethics Committee
Research Interests
Research methodology and methods
Research ethics
Sport and leisure cultures

Membership of Professional Bodies
Leisure Studies Association (Chair, 2004 - 2009)

Research-Related Activities (indicative since 2009)

Editorial Board Membership:

Managing Co-Editor – Leisure Studies
Editorial Advisory Board – Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Education 
International Editorial Advisory Board – European Physical Education Review

Funded Projects:
2011 Feeding back to feed forward: Formative assessment as a platform for more effective learning - HEA Learning and Teaching Enhancement Fund for Wales [with L. Wheatley, M.G. Hughes, J. Longville, I. Mitchell, R. Neil & H. Wiltshire]

2010 Understanding the Sports Council for Wales' Market Segments. Sports Council for Wales [with N. Bolton, A. Miles & M. Anderson]

2008 – 2009 Do Activity, Stay Healthy Evaluation. Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership [with A. Miles, M. Anderson, N. Bolton & S-M. Cooper]

Knowledge Transfer / Exchange & Consultancy
2013 Developing a pilot to test the feasibility and effects of mandatory referee qualifications and licensing for the Rugby Football Union – Rugby Football Union [with A. Miles, M. Anderson & R. Lord]

2010 Continuous professional development for referee advisors and referee coaches – Welsh Rugby Union [with M. Mellick & B. Smith]

2010 – 2013 Professional Ethics for Sport and Exercise Scientists – BASES Supervised Experience Core Workshops  [with C. Jones]

Publications and Presentations
(a) Co-edited books
• Neil, R., Wilson, K., Hanton, S. & Fleming, S. (2013) eds. The Research Process in Sport, Exercise and Health: Case Studies of Active Researchers. Routledge, London. 
• Fleming, S. with Andrews, H., Hackett, P., Meadows, M. & Selby, M. (2009) eds. Leisure and tourism: International perspectives on cultural practice. Leisure Studies Association, Eastbourne.

(b) Journal articles
• Barnett, J., Cropley, B., Hanton, S. & Fleming, S. (2013) Taking the plunge: Reflections on the decision to register for and supervise a doctorate. Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Education 13: 123-131.
• Graham, L., McKenna, M. & Fleming, S. (2013) "What d'you know, you're a girl!" Gendered experiences of sport coach education. Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Education 13: 70-77.           
• Hodgkin, K., Fleming, S., Beauchamp, G. & Bryant, A. (2013) Perception to Reality: Pupils' Expectations and Experiences of the primary-secondary school transition. Educationalfutures 6 (1): 28-40. 
• Anderson, M., Bolton, N., Davies, G. & Fleming, S. (2013) Local implementation of national policy – A case-study critique of the Free Swimming Initiative for the 60+ population. Managing Leisure.  
• Peel, J., Cropley, B., Hanton, S. & Fleming, S. (2013) Learning through reflection: Values, conflicts, and role interactions of a youth sport coach. Reflective Practice.                                                                                         
• Hughes, H. & Fleming, S. (2013) Play to Learn: A case-study of parent/carer and child engagement with a physical activity website resource. Education 3-13                                                                                                                
• Fleming, S. (2013) Social research in sport (and beyond) – Notes on exceptions to informed consent. Research Ethics 9(1): 32-43                                                                                                                                      
• Fleming, J. & Fleming, S. (2012) Relative age effect amongst footballers in the English Premier League and English Football League, 2010-2011. International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport 12: 361-372. 
• Cunningham, I., Mellick, M., Mascarenhas, D. & Fleming, S. (2012) Decision making and decision communications in elite rugby union referees: An inductive investigation. Sport and Exercise Psychology Review 8 (2): 19-30. 
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• Mellick, M. & Fleming, S. (2010) Personal narrative and the ethics of disclosure: A case study from elite sport. Qualitative Research 10 (3): 299-314.                                                                                                                              
• Hill, D.M., Hanton, S., Matthews, N. & Fleming, S. (2010) Choking under pressure: A review. International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology 3: 24-39.      
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• Hill, D.M., Hanton, S., Fleming, S. & Matthews, N. (2009) A re-examination of choking in sport. European Journal of Sport Science 9 (4): 203-212. 
(c) Book chapters  
• Fleming, S. (2013) 'Home and Away' Revisited – Warts and All, in A. Smith, K. Green & I. Waddington (eds.) Doing exemplary research in the sociology of sport. Routledge, London pp. 216-248.  
• Matthews, N., Fleming, S. & Jones, R.L. (2013) Sociology for coaches, in Jones, R.L. & Kingston, K. (eds.) An introduction to sports coaching. 2nd edition. Routledge, London, pp. 69-81. 
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• McInch, A., Leyshon, A. & Fleming, S. (2012) Whatever happened to everyone training hard, playing hard and whoever was the best won fair and square? (Sociological voices on the use of banned substances), in F. Grace &  J.S. Baker & (ed.) Perspectives on Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) and Doping in Sport and Health. Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge, NY., pp. 117-132.
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(d) Book Reviews
• Fleming, S. (2012) Managing Leisure 17 (1), 81-83 (Long, J. & Spracklen, K. [2011] eds. Sport and Challenges to Racism. London, Palgrave Macmillan.) 
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(e) Invited, keynote and plenary lectures and presentations
• Fleming, S. (2012) Who owns athletes' data? Technology, privacy and disclosure in elite sport. The Association of Research Ethics Committees - Sports Science Research Ethics: Heroes or Villains? Villa Park.
• Fleming, S. (2012) Researching sport and leisure – Some concerns about consent. Leeds Metropolitan University.
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• Fleming, S. (2009) The 'sociological imagination', injury and rehabilitation: A case study from elite sport. Imagination in Education, Sport and Art Conference, Charles University, Prague.​