Vicky Meah

Physiology Tech​nicia​n Demonstrator

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Victoria is a PhD student, Associate Tutor in Health and Exercise Physiology and Ph ysiology Technician Demonstrator in the Cardiff School of Sport. Victoria studied her Undergraduate degree at Cardiff Metropolitan University, after which she enrolled onto a PhD programme in Physiology and Heal th. She is accredited by the British Association of Sport & Exercise Science (BASES) as a Certified Exercise Practitioner and is undergoing supervised experience to gain accreditation as a Sport and Exercise Scientist (Physiology).​​​


Research / Publications

My main research areas are female physiology and exercise science, specifically, my interest lies within physical activity during and after pregnancy. My current research investigates the acute responses of a pregnant woman to resistance and aerobic exercise, with a particular focus on the adaptation to the maternal cardiovascular system. 

List of Publications

Meah VL, Cockcroft JR, Backx K, Shave R, Stöhr EJ. (2016). Cardiac output and related haemodynamics during pregnancy: a series of meta-analyses. Heart. doi:10.1136/heartjnl-2015-308476​

Stohr EJ, Meah VL & Stembridge M. (​2014). Combined neonatal therapies for cardiac function in adulthood - live together, die alone? J Physiol, 592, 825-826.

Meah, V.L., Cockcroft, J.R., and Stöhr, E.J. (2013) MATERNAL CARDIAC TWIST PRE-PREGNANCY: POTENTIAL AS A NOVEL MARKER OF PRE-ECLAMPSIA. Fetal and Maternal Medicine Review, available on CJO2013. doi:10.1017/S0965539513000156.

Teaching and Supervision

As an associate tutor in health and exercise physiology, I lecture on Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses such as Sport and Exercise Science and Sports Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Massage. I contribute to the delivery of content on exercise prescription in special or clinical populations, as well as lecture in the general principles of Sport and Exercise Physiology. I am currently completing the Postgraduate Certificate Teaching in Higher Education.

As a technician demonstrator in physiology, I contribute to the delivery of practical laboratory sessions within Undergraduate and Postgraduate modules in Sport and Exercise Physiology.

Qualifications and Awards

BSc Sport and Exercise Science, Cardiff Metropolitan University
BASES Certified Exercise Practitioner
Level 4 Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Instructor (BACPR)
Level 3 GP Referral
Level 3 Adapting Exercise for Ante and Post Natal
Level 3 Personal Trainer

External Links

I am linked with a number of external organisations through professional practice.

British Association of Sport & Exercise Science (BASES)
I have provided sport physiology support to both elite and non-elite individuals, teams, and organisations in a variety of sports. I am currently undertaking supervised experience to gain accreditation as a BASES Sport and Exercise Scientist.

Sport Wales
I assist with sport physiology provision to i​ndividuals and teams supported by Sport Wales. I attended the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014 to support the Welsh Target Shooting Federation.