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​Student Awards Services implements the NHS Wales Bursary Schemes, which provides funding for healthcare students on NHS funded courses in Wales and Welsh domiciled medical and dental students within the UK. 

Information on the new NHS Bursary funding scheme for 2017 entry

It has recently been confirmed by the Welsh Government that NHS Bursaries for eligible allied health professionals will continue to be available in Wales, unlike in England where the bursary will end. You can view the full article here - Health Secretary statement.

UPDATE on 16-01-2017 - It has now been confirmed that Welsh domiciled undergraduate students not wanting to commit to work in Wales on graduation will have access to the standard support package available from Student Finance Wales. Non-Welsh domiciled undergraduate students who do not wish to commit to work in Wales on graduation will still be able to study in Wales, but will need to secure funding from an alternative source, which may include the relevant funding body or self finance. Students will need to make this decision to commit in advance of commencing their studies and information packs are currently being developed. Details of the process through which students have to confirm their commitment to work in Wales are still being finalised and will be available in due course. 

The full press release can be viewed here.

For students starting their course September 2017, applications for the Bursary will need to be made on the NHS Bursary Online Support System (BOSS), after May 1st 2017. Applications made before this will be rejected. We will send further infromation out via email when the system and further information is available.  

Please note that this new scheme is only applicable to undergraduate applicants. Those applying for the PgDip/MSc Dietetics will not be affected and will apply for the scheme already in place.

What courses are eligible for NHS funding?

NHS Bursaries apply to the following courses at Cardiff Met:

BSc Healthcare Science
BSc Human Nutrition & Dietetics
BSc Podiatry
BSc Speech & Language Therapy​
PgDip/MSc Dietetics*

*Please note, it has been confirmed that the PgDip/MSc Dietetics will be exempt from the new 2017 NHS Bursary scheme. The previous NHS Bursary process will be applicable to these students and further information will be forwarded to those who receive offers following interview.

Bursary Numbers and Allocation

Our intake numbers are decided by the NHS in Wales, which take into consideration professional requirements.

Allocation of the undergraduate bursaries are dependant on academic achievement and satisfying all entry requirements associated with the programmes. 

Bursary numbers are limited for NHS programmes.  Whilst we make every effort to limit the number of offers to minimise the risk of disappointment of not having a bursary, occasionally the number of students achieving the conditions for entry exceeds the number of bursary funded places available.  Should this situation arise, Cardiff Met will operate a points system based on academic achievement and/or interview scores as well as a Firm reply.  Unfortunately, for those applicants who choose Cardiff Met as their Insurance choice, we cannot guarantee a place.

In exceptional circumstances, the Programme Director may also offer a guaranteed place for the following year.

Due to the different application system for Postgraduate, the number of offers made will reflect the allocation of bursaries available.

Further information & Contact Details

If you are considering a professional career in health care and would like to know more about the financial support you will get during your training, then please contact:

Student Awards Services
4th Floor, Companies House
Crown Way
CF14 3UB

Bursary Enquiries - Tel: 02920 905380

Childcare Enquiries - Tel: 02920 905381​

Email: abm.sas@wales.nhs.uk


NHS Health in Wales - www.wales.nhs.uk

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