Criminal Conviction & Restriction Information


​Cardiff Met values diversity and encourages a wider student population by welcoming applications from all those interested in higher education, from all backgrounds, with a potential and determination to success. 

Different procedures concerning the disclosure of information relating to criminal convictions are in place, depending on the programme being applied for. Having a criminal conviction is not an automatic bar to study on our programmes. 

Programmes which require a DBS Check

Applicants who apply through UCAS or direct to the institution for courses that bring them into contact with children and/or vulnerable adults are asked, to indicate if they have a relevant spent or unspent conviction that would appear on an enhanced criminal records check. 

The process of establishing the existence of a criminal convictions is accomplished by the DBS procedure for courses that require a criminal records check.  Information in relation to whether a DBS check is a requirement of a course is listed under the entry requirements section of the course information on Cardiff Met's website.

During the enrolment process applicants and current students on courses that require a criminal records check, are asked to disclose any new or previously undisclosed relevant spent or unspent convictions that might impact their studies at the university. 

Programmes that do not require a DBS Check

Applicants and students undertaking courses which do not bring them into contact with children and/or vulnerable adults, are asked to inform the University if they are bound by restrictions or have probation requirements to fulfil following a conviction.  Applicants are asked for this information after they have been offered a place at the Institution and are asked to complete the Applicant Criminal Conviction(s) Declaration - Proforma

Applicants and current students on courses where a criminal records check is not required, are also asked to inform the University if they are bound by restrictions or have probation requirements to fulfil following a conviction.