Notes of Guidance


​Additional notes to assist you when completing the application form:

Please note the DBS application form issued from Cardiff Metropolitan University can only be used for Cardiff Metropolitan University and is NOT to be used for another organisation.

Your application cannot be processed without the required documentation/payment.​

Your original documentation

Photocopied documents are not acceptable.  Documentation should include proof of identity including photograph, date of birth and current address normally being a valid passport or UK driving licence or UK birth certificate (issued within 12 months of birth) and proof of address.  A list of acceptable documents can be found at

Identity Checks

The DBS recommends that wherever possible identity checks are conducted on a face to face basis.  Applicants are therefore encouraged to bring their DBS form and documents to Cardiff Metropolitan's ​​iZone (open between 10-4 Monday to Friday).

Applicants not able to visit the University

Open Days
If applicants are not able to visit the University another option is for those that have been offered a place and are attending an open day to undertake this process during the open day. The DBS form and documents would need to be presented to admission staff to undertake the process and would not be sent to the DBS until after the April of the year of entry.

Identity Checking Service
The Post Office also offers an Identity Checking Service for which there is a charge, for customers that need to have photocopies of identity documents certified as a true likeness of the original, eliminating the need for proof of identity to be sent to Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Sending in documents

For those applicants that cannot visit the University to undertake the face to face identity checks and for those whose application process did not involve an interview (due to identity checks being undertaken at interview) the DBS form and documents can be sent to the University.  We recommend that you use recorded delivery when posting your documentation (at your cost). Please note that Recorded Delivery only covers documents up to the value of £47.00 in the event of damage or loss.

We will return your documents to the address stated in Section B of the form also using Recorded Delivery.

Cardiff Metropolitan University aims to return your ID documents to you as soon as possible; usually this will be within a week of us receiving them.

£44.00 payment

The cost of your Enhanced Disclosure will be £44. This must be paid upfront when undertaking the process and enclosed with your application for processing if you are sending in your documentation.

Cheques should be made payable to Cardiff Metropolitan University (not the DBS as we pay them on account).

Addresses dating back for 5 years 
The DBS require a full address history for the last five years, there should be no gaps in the dates. Unfortunately if you submit an address history that is not continuous the DBS will not process your application and your form will be returned. Addresses within the UK should include postcodes. Please use a continuation sheet if necessary which can be found at If you use a continuation sheet please write your full name and date of birth at the top of the sheet.

Dos and Don'ts

Each Disclosure application form is scanned automatically. However, many forms cannot be processed due to some basic errors when completing the form. This causes delays in processing applications. To ensure your applications are processed as smoothly and efficiently as possible, please follow these do’s and don’ts when completing Disclosure application forms.

DO make sure you use BLACK INK THROUGHOUT and write clearly in BLOCK CAPITALS ONLY.
DO place only one letter or number in each box.
DO leave an empty box between words; but not between postcodes or telephone numbers.
DO cross out any errors on the form and amend the correction to the right of the error. If there is no space to write next to a particular piece of information, please write as close to the text as possible.
DO use the ‘Checklist to completing your application form’ to ensure all mandatory fields are completed.
DO ensure signatures are wholly contained within the boxes provided.
DO ensure that you enclose a cheque for the required amount of £44.00.

DON’T send in copies of documentation, originals are required.
DON'T enter future dates in Section C 'Other Addresses.'
DON’T use staples to attach any cheques, continuation sheets or additional information.
DON’T place any stickers or stamps on the form i.e. featuring addresses or dates.
DON’T use correction fluid on the form. To correct a mistake, please follow the guidance above.
DON’T allow text to cross the edges of the boxes on the application form.
DON’T put a line through a section of the form or state a field is ‘not applicable’ – if it is not relevant to the application then please leave it blank.

Applicants Who Have Resided Overseas including the European Union

Any applicant who has resided in another country will be expected to provide a criminal check carried out by that country. The DBS cannot currently access overseas criminal records or other relevant information as part of its disclosure service. For information in relation to overseas procedures please refer to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) at which lists the websites of all embassies and High Commissions where information on the current practices for applying can be found.

Applicants should endeavour to obtain the following (at the applicant’s cost):

  • A 'certificate of good conduct' (police records check) from the relevant authorities confirming that the applicant has no criminal record from their home country.
  • Obtain verification of the ‘certificate of good conduct' by the relevant Consulate for that country within the UK (at the applicant’s cost).

All documents obtained from abroad must be translated (at the applicant’s cost) from the relevant language into English. Applicants should contact the relevant foreign embassy for further information regarding the verification of documents.

In order to fulfil admission requirements overseas applicants who have never resided in the UK, will be required to undertake an enhanced DBS check once they have moved to the UK, and have a UK address due to the DBS being unable to undertake a check unless a UK address is provided.

Applicants who are Overseas but have resided in the UK

The University places the onus on applicants who have been resident in the UK for a limited period of time, to provide details of their criminal records history from their home country as well as undertaking a criminal records check for their time spent in the UK.

Applicants with a Criminal Conviction

Please note even though applicants with a criminal conviction may be given a place on a course this does not mean that students will be allowed on placements or have registration with relevant bodies. For those programmes where successful completion requires registration with the Health Profession or General Teaching Council students will need to apply to the body separately and at this point the case is reviewed and a decision made in relation to acceptance for registration.