Dean Barnett

Dean Barnett


Part-time study helped Dean achieve self-starter success

Studying part-time at Cardiff Metropolitan University allowed Dean Barnett to complete his postgraduate degree while juggling the daily demands of his professional life.

Dean achieved his MSc in Occupational Health, Safety & Wellbeing (then called Occupational Health & Safety) alongside full-time work as a Health & Safety Advisor in Exeter, travelling hundreds of miles to Cardiff for mentoring sessions at the School of Health Sciences.

Dean said: "There were times when I did fall behind because of everything going on at home, but I was very lucky that the course was quite flexible and the lecturers did everything they could to help me fit my degree around my job.

"I am so grateful for all the support I received, from then programme leader Dr Peter Sykes and all the teachers and technicians. Everyone was so understanding and hands-on; I really can't recommend them enough."

Dean credits his time at Cardiff Met with giving him the motivation and determination to set himself goals, strive to achieve them and drive his career forward.

He said: "I've taken plenty of Occupational Health & Safety exams, but my Masters gave me a chance to open up debate, dig a little deeper and consider resourceful ways to implement health and safety strategies in different industries."

With a Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport Diploma from Swansea Metropolitan and Higher National Certificate in Logistics Management from Swansea University, Dean chose to continue his education at Cardiff Met because of its vibrancy and energy.

Dean said: "With the university being so central, there's a brilliant lively atmosphere - especially when the rugby's on! I would have loved to have studied at Cardiff Met full-time and spend more weekends on campus and exploring the city."

Following the achievement of completing his MSc, Dean's career took great leaps and he progressed to a senior managerial role at Wales & West Utilities.

Dean was made Deputy Director of Safety, Health and Environment at Swansea University in January 2013, but soon realised he missed being a practitioner and left to set up his own consultancy, Safety Solutions DH.

Dean said: "I've achieved the goals I set for myself and I'm really pleased with how far my career progressed, but my Masters taught me to get more involved and I wanted to go back to working in the field.

"Being a Director for my own business is busy but excellent, and I wouldn't have had the confidence to go for it without such strong credentials and qualifications.

"When people find out I've got a Masters degree from Cardiff Met, you see them sit up and take you seriously – it's very well respected, which has really strengthened my position in a competitive market."

Under the spotlight:
2002 Completed CILT Diploma at Swansea Metropolitan University
2003 Completed HNC at Swansea University
2006 Joined Cardiff Met while working at Corus Environment Agency
2008 Started work at Electricity Alliance and Morgan & Sindall
2009 Completed MSc and started work at Wales & West Utilities
2013 Directorship at Swansea University and started Safety Solutions DH

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