Your Course


​Your course will provide you with knowledge and experience closely linked to the employment market, teaching methods that will help develop your core work skills and staff that use real-world issues in the curriculum as well as visiting lectures from business and industry.  Close links with employers help to ensure that you know more about your future career options and give you the opportunity to network with potential employers as well as preparing you for a rapidly changing world.

Nearly all of our programmes offer opportunities for work experience, which might include placements, sandwich years, volunteering opportunities and/or undertaking 'live' projects.  There are also opportunities to study abroad through Erasmus + and to study, work or volunteer abroad through the Outward Mobility scheme.

For greater detail see our course Information pages.

On many of the course pages you will see Key Information Sets (KIS).  If you would like more information on how to interpret KIS data, please click here.