Fee and Access Plans



If you're looking for information on current entry fees, please click here. ​If you need advice on the payment of fees then please call the Finance Department on 029 2041 6087/6083​.

Official HEFCW Approved Fee Plans for Cardiff Metropolitan University can be found on the following links:​

Download the 2018/19 Fee and Access Plan​ / Cynllun Ffioedd a Mynediad 2018/19 ​(Approved by HEFCW) ​ ​
Download the 2018/19 Fee and Access Plan (Annexe Aii) ​(Approved by HEFCW)

Download the 2017/18 Fee and Access Plan​ ​(Approved by HEFCW) 
Download the 2017/18 Fee and Access Plan (Annexe Aii) ​(Approved by HEFCW)

Download the 2016/17 Fee Plan​ ​(Approved by HEFCW)

Annual reports on the University’s use of tuition fee income can be found on the following links:

Use of Fee Income 2015-16 (PDF)