Fee and Access Plans


If you're looking for information on current entry fees, please click here. ​If you need advice on the payment of fees then please call the Finance Department on 029 2041 6087/6083​.

Official HEFCW Approved Fee Plans for Cardiff Metropolitan University can be found on the following links:​

2018/19 Fee and Access Plan

This Plan was approved by HEFCW in July 2017.  Subsequent to this approval the text of the Plan has been amended to provide greater clarity following the Cabinet Secretary's announcement that the maximum fee level in Wales would remain at £9k.  This amended plan was approved by HEFCW in December 2017.

Download the 2018/19 Fee and Access Plan​ / Cynllun Ffioedd a Mynediad 2018/19 ​(Approved by HEFCW) ​ ​
Download the 2018/19 Fee and Access Plan (Annexe Aii) ​(Approved by HEFCW)

2017/18 Fee and Access Plan

Approved by HEFCW in July 2016

Download the 2017/18 Fee and Access Plan​ ​(Approved by HEFCW) 

Download the 2017/18 Fee and Access Plan (Annexe Aii) ​(Approved by HEFCW)

2016/17 Fee and Access Plan

Approved by HEFCW in July 2015

Download the 2016/17 Fee Plan​ 

Use of Fee Income

Annual report on the University's use of tuition fee income

Use of Fee Income 2015-16 (PDF)