Postgraduate Scholarships Questions


​I do not have my degree results yet, can I apply for the Scholarship?

You can apply for the Scholarship if you are in the final year of your degree course and think you are on track for a First Class Honours. You must have previously applied for a Masters programme which fulfils the eligibility criteria, for full details visit our Postgraduate Scholarship page.

​Am I guaranteed a Scholarship payment if I meet the criteria?

No, there are a limited number of Scholarships available, no Scholarship award is guaranteed. Full details on how the Scholarships are awarded can be found on our Postgraduate Scholarship page. Information on Postgraduate funding other than the Cardiff Met Scholarship is available on our Additional Postgraduate Funding  webpage and through the Student Finance and Welfare Advisory Service 

What other sources of funding are available?

You will need to plan well in advance how you are going to pay tuition fees and support yourself whilst you are studying a Masters course. Support and information on a variety of postgraduate funding sources can be found on our Additional Postgraduate Funding webpage and through the Student Finance and Welfare Advisory Service

I am an International student, can I apply?

No, unfortunately the award is only available to UK or EU students. However, Cardiff Met has scholarships specifically for our International students. Details of the awards can be found on our International Scholarships webpage.

​I have applied for the award but have not received any confirmation, what should I do?

If you have submitted the Postgraduate Scholarship application form but haven't received an auto-reply, contact the Scholarship Co-Ordinator as soon as possible on so we can confirm receipt.

​What if I change my programme choice?

If you have already applied for the Scholarship but change your choice of programme, you must contact the Scholarship Co-Ordinator on to discuss whether the change will effect your scholarship application. Only full time taught Masters programmes are supported by the scholarship scheme. For full eligibility criteria visit our Postgraduate Scholarship page.

​I was planning to start my Cardiff Met Masters programme in September 2016 but have deferred to September 2017; can I apply for a Scholarship?

You can apply for a 2017 Scholarship provided you fulfil our eligibility criteria, for full details visit our Postgraduate Scholarship page.

​What happens to my Scholarship if I have to suspend my studies?

Students awarded the Scholarship but who subsequestly suspend their studies after beginning the course may defer the remaining Scholarship award (i.e. what is remaining once any fees for that year have been paid) to the next academic year only. Students who withdraw completely will forfeit any remaining Scholarship funding and will not be eligible to re-apply in the future. 

​​I have been awarded the Scholarship but would like to change to part-time study. Will this affect the award?

 Yes, you will no longer be eligible for the Scholarship if you change to a part-time course.

 ​I have received the scholarship once, can I apply again?

 No, you can only be awarded the Scholarship once.

​I have a scholarship problem, who do I contact?

You can contact the university’s Scholarship Co-Ordinator on who will be happy to discuss any problems you may have experienced.