Bronze Scholarship - Swimming


Athlete Information:

Name: Ria Evans

Age: 19

Sport: Swimming

Course: Sport and Physical Education

Year of study: 1

Athlete Profile

Ria is a National level swimmer. She currently swims the 50m freestyle (26.4) during competition, but also the 4x100m relay and the medley relay. Ria's swimming career started from the age of 3 maybe 4 years old and has been training ever since. During the age of 16, Ria's career become more serious as she started competing nationally for Wales but also managed to represent Wales in the Commonwealth Lifesaving Games. She's currently a British Summer Nationals qualifier and Welsh champion. The Olympics is in Ria's pathway for the future.


What difference has the scholarship made?

When choosing the best university for my academic studies, I wanted a university where I could not only continue with my sporting career but also better it. Cardiff Metropolitan University was always one of my favourite options but the sports scholarship made it definite. The funding from the university has helped me afford the costs but also deal with the stress. The sport equipment (which is expensive) has helped me massively in being able to continue with my swimming. The sports massage, physio and S&C has not only improved my swimming but helped me recover from my daily sessions. This award has helped me massively during my first year.